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Hello and thanks for stopping by :) If you're in this section you must want to know something about me. What I can say to make you feel better about the purchase you are considering? Uhm... I am not really a member of the Elite Hunting club lol. I am however a master fabricator, I served in the US Army and I have spent more time underwater then most have a right to. I have pushed myself to the limit in almost every sense. I do so now as I am getting older through my art. I am constantly learning and teaching myself new techniques so I can paint a bigger picture. I am a traditional sculptor by trade and I can work in just about any medium, i.e clay, wood, stone, resin, metal, etc. That being said, change is inevitable and I am now also working with 3D modeling and printers as needed. I sculpt, mold, cast, weld, fabricate everything in my shop from scratch and nothing is out sourced. The metal jewelry I make is made with the lost wax casting method, due to costs I really only work with silver, copper and bronze. All of the resin pieces I make are made from urethane and all parts unless specifically stated are made under pressure for perfect castings. All of the precious stones I use are acquired through professional jeweler sources or auctions I personally go to. What you see on this site is but a very, very small fraction of what I have available and what I can make. If you care to see what I do, you can find me on Instagram @artista_burke or Facebook www.facebook.com/Underworld.Beyond My shop was in West Palm for 5 successful years and I am now located in SC. If you have any questions, just give me a call.

~Michael Burke

1503 Winding Way
Taylor's SC, 29687

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